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Your Wedding Story Told With Jane Wiggins Photography

I am more than your wedding photographer, I am also your confidante, friend, but most importantly the person who will tell the romantic story of your wedding day captured within images.

Your wedding day is unique and your time line will be also. I will be in close contact with you throughout your planning process to ensure your wedding and photography run smoothly. What should you expect from your wedding photographer? That's why I'm here! The bare basics of what you can expect from me are broken down as follows:

All The Little Details - After all the planning, thought, and energy that went into your flowers, flower arrangements, table settings, and decorations, these definitely need to be memorialized in striking clarity. I will be there photographing each beautiful element during or right after reception set up.

You've Never Been So Glamorous - Expect me capturing every moment of your getting ready, from laying out the jewelry and shoes, make-up and hair, bouquets, to the exciting moment when you finally put your gorgeous dress on. Capturing your ring, shoes, dress details, and moments that will be treasured forever is so beautiful. And let's not forget the handsome groom and groomsmen! I definitely want to capture those details also!

All About You, Your Handsome Groom, and Family Photos - Your first look, bridal portraits, and family portraits will be intimate, fun, and exciting. Dependent on locations, I usually recommend that we set aside an hour or two for these to ensure we can take the most beautiful and unique portraits possible. I encourage my couples to consider doing the portraits prior to the wedding so you can enjoy every moment of the remainder of your day. Of course, ultimately this decision is up to each couple and this time line is always flexible.

The Wedding
- The wedding is the most important event to be documented! From the groom waiting anxiously, his beautiful bride walking down the aisle, to the vows, I strive to capture each and every moment in the most stunning and intimate way possible. Please keep in mind that your officiant and venue has rules in place regarding photography during the ceremony, and I will work according to those rules.

Relax! (After the Wedding) - Following your wedding, I will be at your disposal. This is the time for you to cut loose, have fun and start enjoying your lives together!

Family, Friends, Food, and Your Reception - From the guests, the bridal entrance, first toast, dinner, and cake cutting, I will scour the room and document these moments, in the least obtrusive way possible.

Celebrate! - You waited all day for this! I am everywhere capturing your first dance through the throwing of the bouquet. I love all the smiles, kisses, and the guests having so much fun! Following the bouquet throw, I will begin to end the photography coverage, unless there are special requests or other moments you specifically would like captured.

Sound like the most romantic and happy day of your life? Oh yes, definitely!