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Your Love Story

Your engagement session is included with each of my collections. The engagement session is fun, relaxing, and an opportunity to show you both off as a couple! It is a time to show your love, personalities, style, goofiness, fabulousness, and all the quirks and romantic affection that make you...well, the two of you. After all, you were drawn to each other because of all the many attributes that make each of you. Being in love is wonderful, exciting, and full of joy. All of this will be reflected in your session! Exciting, yes?

Will you be nervous, especially since this may be your first time with a professional photographer? Well, maybe, for the first 5 minutes, but that is totally normal! I can guarantee you, however, that this feeling lasts no longer than 5 minutes. It is my job, and my pleasure, to make sure that every minute of your session is full of laughs, romance, and assuring you are comfortable. I gently suggest poses, situations, moods, and am totally open to (and encourage) any suggestions each of you have.

Another important aspect of your engagement session is, in reality, practicing for your wedding day! By the end of your engagement session, you will feel totally comfortable with me and trust in my suggestions for your images. I remember when I took a bride aside for a minute as she was getting ready and she whispered, "When I saw you I knew that everything would be ok!" That is the best compliment I could ever dream of! Of course, your wedding day will be fabulous!

Now, back to your engagement session. You probably have questions... and I have answers. Let's start this discussion! We can talk more specifically later, but there are a few important details that we can start off with:

1. Location. I am more than happy to suggest a great location for you. Let me know some information on the type and feel of the photos you'd like to achieve. Got a great spot in mind special to the two of you? Just let me know and I will scope it out, making sure it has everything we need for a great session.

2. Time. Depending on location, we will want to make sure that we have good light. The most beautiful light is early in the morning, late afternoon, and especially prior to sunset. If we can schedule during those times that is great. If not, that is also great! I am trained to find or make light and use it advantageously. Of course, please make every effort to be on time so we can take advantage of all the opportunities we will have for your session.

3. What to wear and what to bring. I always encourage my couples to wear whatever reflects their personalities. Whether you are country, rock, goth, nerdish, or just plain everyday brilliant, ... you should feel comfortable in your own skin. This is your engagement session! Please feel free to bring props if you want to add a bit of jazz! Cotton candy, wine and wine glasses, a blanket, books, your dog, bicycles - whatever the two of you enjoy! Bright colors are gorgeous, as well as scarves, boots, belts, cute shoes, and any accessories that reflect your style. Do not be shy to be you. A rule of thumb, however, is that overall bold patterns can detract from you! Subtle patterns are best. If you have a themed engagement shoot in mind, let me know and we can totally plan for that.

3. (expanded).... Keep in mind what you are wearing and what you are wearing underneath as the camera can and will catch all! For example: A white bra under a sheer or dark top will show. Likewise, dark undergarments under white clothing will show. The same for tight pants and lines with undergarments. Keep this in mind as the mirror in your bedroom or bathroom may not be as truthful in a different light.

4. Make-up (just for girls). I suggest playing up your best features and wear a little bit of extra eye makeup, blush, lipstick, etc. Some girls will do a practice run and have their makeup professionally done as they plan to on their wedding day. Bring a little powder or a tissue during the warmer days, and lip gloss to freshen up the lips. Please try and avoid sparkly eye shadow or powders. These options are great for evenings out as they do reflect light. But these sparkles can also reflect sunlight and flash, and may be distracting in a photographic image. Highlighting is fine, but please avoid the sparkles.

5. Inspiration. Feel free to be you. If you need inspiration, visit Pinterest, look at magazines such as Vogue or Cosmopolitan, and my fav... watch a bit of America's Next Top Model. Certainly you do NOT have to look like any of these models, but there is inspiration and often ideas with the subtle hints in these outlets. Of course, I'm here to totally inspire you to make sure your engagement images are fabulous!

6. Physical Issues. Please let me know if you have a crazy knee, bad back, neck pain, sore hip, etc., so that I can be conscious of that during your session. I want to make your session as comfortable as possible and certainly do not want to suggest a pose that will cause you pain in any way.